Thursday, January 5, 2012

Share Your Testimonials for the World to See

One of the marketing strategies in my business plan for 2012 is to share ALL of the testimonials that I receive.  After all, what good do they do if I am the only one that reads it?  Sure they make us feel good, and the writer certainly feels good writing and sending it.  Testimonials reinforce what we strive to achieve for our clients, and they can be one of our most effective marketing tools.

During a recent Women's Council of REALTORS® meeting or BNI Education Moment, the speaker suggested writing a testimonial for yourself before you complete your business plan, vision or mission statement.  Where I heard it is not as important right now as what it meant to me and the importance of including it in this post.  I'm sure it is in my notes in my Blog folder waiting for a future post.
So, here it is for you to see:


Thank you so very much. Your office did a great job in taking care of my client throughout the entire transaction. Because of the constant communication from your office, my client, a first homebuyer was very comfortable with the process on the day of closing.

I received this testimonial today and immediately shared it with the staff in all three of our offices, posted it to Facebook, now to Active Rain, and will post it to HAR, Blogger and LinkedIn.  I have much to learn in the social media world and one day I will figure out how to link everything together.  For now, I will share as best I can for the world to see.

Patti St. Louis
“Accentuate the Positive!”