Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holidays...To List or Not To List?

Several years ago while working for a title insurance company in The Woodlands, Texas, Donna walked into my office to sell her services and asked if I network.  More on that another time…

Most of my networking opportunities today are with REALTORS® in The Woodlands and surrounding areas.  REALTORS® are a large source of my title insurance business and we are constantly sharing ideas and strategies.

Yesterday, while attending my BNI chapter meeting, a REALTOR® asked for my advice and it led to a discussion about sellers wanting to take their home off the market during the holidays.  What a joyous time to show off a home!  We have always said that buyers who want to look at properties during inclement weather are normally very serious buyers.  The same can be said of buyers that look during the holidays.  There may be fewer showings during the holidays, but the showings a seller does have will likely be worth it.  I was one of those buyers during December 2008 and there were very few homes on the market in my desired area and price range.

There is an obvious advantage to keeping a home on the market when history shows that many sellers will pull theirs off, especially with interest rates as low as they are.  Even during the holidays we see new buyers rotating into the market, and a home off the market is just that, off the market.  And for those that do not want the inconvenience of preparing for showings while getting ready for and during holiday gatherings, it is acceptable to allow specific, limited showing days and times.

A serious buyer is a blessing and there will be increased competition on the market after the holidays and unknown interest rates.  Let’s encourage current and prospective sellers to showcase their homes during the upcoming season.

This is my first blog post, so be easy on me :)

Patti St. Louis
"Insuring This Land is Your Land"


  1. great article, and good point about keeping a home listed. My only concern would be that theft generally goes up during the holiday season, so it is very important to make certain that your Realtor knows who is going through the home... making sure that it is not being "cased"

  2. That is some great information! Thanks for the great insight.

  3. What a profound post. My very first sale was with a client who wanted to take his home off the market for December! Needless to say we actually closed in fifteen days, before the end of the year, and every one had something to celebrate!.....Monica A

  4. I completely agree. It takes a serious buyer to sell a house. If they are looking during the holiday season that sounds serious to me.

    Mike mamo

  5. Great article Patti! I look forward to hearing more great stuff from this blog!

  6. I have sold several homes during the Holidays, I agree they are serious buyers if they are looking during the Holidays! Thanks for bringing this subject up, and for sharing

    Carolyn G.

  7. I agree that Buyers in December are serious so it comes down to the motivation of the Seller!

  8. Interesting input!!! Will try to read regularly... Keep it up...


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